January, 2010

The ability to non-destructively image and automatically phenotype complex root systems, like those of rice (Oryza sativa), is fundamental to identifying genes underlying root system architecture (RSA). Although root systems are central to plant fitness, identifying genes responsible for RSA remains an underexplored opportunity for crop improvement. Here we describe a non-destructive imaging and analysis system for automated phenotyping and trait ranking of RSA...
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August, 2009

The goal of the workshop was to gather participants in the collaborative NSF grant "GEPR: Genome-wide analysis of root traits" to discuss ways to improve analysis/modeling of root networks in the coming year. The workshop consisted of three discussion sessions. During the first session on Thursday the workshop participants surveyed the current state and future challenges related to 3D reconstruction of the root system architecture. The second session on Thursday was dedicated to discussion on integration of individual efforts on the analysis of the root architecture into one platform for biological network processing. The session on Friday covered specific applications of root network processing such as dynamics of root development and topological characteristics of the root network. The conference call with other GEPR grant collaborators concluded the workshop.

May, 2009

The first version of the project website is now online!

April, 2009

The project meeting took place at Duke University. Discussions on root image analysis and reconstruction of 3D models of roots from 2D images were the central topic of the meeting.

September, 2008

NSF project "Genome-Wide Analysis of Root Traits" was launched.

Project abstract is available here: